Landscape Constructions provides a high-quality service and install new as well as repair existing reticulation systems.

New Garden Reticulation

In Perth a Waterwise reticulation system is a high priority. We design all of our reticulation systems to use water efficiently, reducing homeowners water usage and costs. One of the ways we do this is by using Drip Line Reticulation. Drip Line Reticulation is a sub-surface reticulation system that sits below the mulch to deliver water directly to the roots without the effects of wind and evaporation. We also design lawn reticulation to ensure that it is providing full coverage to avoid any brown or dry patches. At every new job we will programme the controller to suit your watering days and times as determined by the Water Corporation. Individually programming the run times to make sure you garden is not under or over watered.

Repairing Existing Reticulation

We will look over the system and ensure that the controller is programmed to the correct watering days and times, and make sure that your garden is not being over or under watered. We will also check to see that all the reticulation is working properly. This includes checking the solenoids, pop ups, nozzles, drip line etc. We are able to replace any broken pieces and offer solutions to any re-occurring problems.

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